Information on maintenance, charging and service.

Can you also run the BMW ActiveE with conventional fuels? Who do you contact in an emergency? What should you pay attention to when operating in battery mode? Here we provide you with answers to some important technical questions.

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  • Where can I buy the BMW ActiveE?

    [@ NSC: Please adapt the content to your local needs] The BMW ActiveE cannot be bought in Austria.
    You can obtain further information from our BMW Partner Service at

  • Where may I have the car repaired?

    The BMW ActiveE can be repaired at specially authorised dealers or subsidiaries. You’ll receive the contact details when you take charge of the vehicle.

  • Can I also fill up with petrol or other fuels?

    No. The BMW ActiveE is a purely electric vehicle.

  • Is there any kind of repair guarantee?

    Yes. One hundred per cent of all the service and repair work during the period of use is covered.

  • What can I do in the event of an accident or breakdown?

    Call the BMW service number, which you will find in the vehicle and in the documents supplied.

  • What should I do if parts of the car have been stolen?

    Report the loss immediately to the police and then notify the BMW ActiveE support hotline (you will receive the number when you take charge of the vehicle).

  • How fast is the car?

    The BMW ActiveE has a 125 kW (170 hp) motor and goes from 0 to 100km/h in 9.0 seconds. The maximum speed is electronically limited to 145 km/h.

  • How far can I go?

    The range of the BMW ActiveE depends on your driving style. The average everyday range is 160 km.

  • How long does it take to charge the vehicle?

    Charging the vehicle takes four to five hours with the aid of a wallbox.

  • How much does it cost to charge the vehicle?

    That depends on your electricity tariff. In a combined test cycle, the BMW ActiveE uses 14 kWh per 100 km.

  • I’ve heard that batteries explode easily. Is that true?

    No. The batteries and the vehicle meet the highest safety standards and the batteries have been thoroughly tested in our testing facilities.

  • What kind of batteries are used?

    The energy for the electric motor of the BMW ActiveE comes from batteries with lithium-ion technology.

  • Where can I charge the BMW ActiveE?

    Charging is possible at appropriate public charging stations and in any standard domestic power socket fitted with a 16-amp fuse as minimum.

  • Can I also charge the BMW ActiveE at home with an ordinary domestic power cable?

    Yes, from any ordinary 16-amp domestic power socket. A full charge takes between eight and ten hours. A suitable cable is supplied.

  • What is a wallbox?

    A wallbox is a charging unit that can be installed in your home on request. It reduces the charging time to between four and five hours.

  • How can I get a wallbox?

    The installation conditions vary from one area to the next. This will be discussed with you at the selection process.

  • What does a wallbox cost?

    The price of a wallbox will be disclosed along with the cost of using the car.

  • Can I replace or repair parts myself?

    No. All servicing must be carried out by an authorised dealer or the BMW subsidiary in your area. You’ll receive the contact details when you take charge of the vehicle.

  • What happens if I don’t unplug the vehicle after charging it?

    Nothing. The power supply is cut off as soon as the vehicle is fully charged. The vehicle can only be driven after it’s been unplugged.